Why It’s Sooo Important To Grow Your Facebook Page!

Why You Need To STOP Procrastinating & Get-3

With 5 new profiles created every single second and over 1.04 billion daily active users, your ideal customers ARE on Facebook and if you want to grow your business you need to be focusing on getting them over to your page! I see lot’s of people reach a certain number of likes on their page, whether it be 100 or 1000, and then they think that’s enough. But it’s not – we need to keep on going! It’s so important to focus on continually growing your page and here’s why…

1. More fans = more exposure: This is an obvious one, but the more fans you have – the more people you are getting out in front of. So the more ideal customers you are starting to build relationships and the know, like and trust factor with and this is absolutely crucial if you want to turn your fans into paying customers further down the line.

2. More website traffic: The more Facebook fans you have the more website traffic you’ll get. So, on your Facebook page you will have links to things like your freebies, your home page your latest blog etc. and the more fans you have, the more ideal customers you will get clicking through to your website. So this is a key reason why it’s important to constantly focus on growing your page, as you want to be increasing traffic to your website each month, as this is another crucial factor to turning your fans into paying customers.

3. Social proof: If you have lots of likes it makes it easier for new people to like your page.  They think ‘oh they must be good if all these other people like them, they must know what they’re talking about’. If I went onto a page that had just 50 likes I might hesitate to like it, I might think it’s only a new page and maybe they’re not an expert yet. But if it had hundreds or thousands that would give me the confidence to like that page too.

4. It will save you money: Having a quality fan base will save you money when it comes to running your Facebook ads. This is because it’s a lot more cost effective to target your own fan base with your Ads and you will get much better results as you are promoting to a warm audience. So it’s people that already know and like you, rather than a cold audience of people who have never heard of you. So the more fans you have the better results you will see from your Ads!

5. Fans become potential customers: Engaged fans can become really good potential customers for you. Quality fans turn into email subscribers and the saying ‘the money is in the list’ is so true!! So, it all starts with your Facebook fans – once you have them as a fan the next step is to turn them into an email subscriber. Sales are directly related to the size of your email list, so the more people on your email list, the more sales you will make! Basically, you use your Facebook page to build your email list and then use your email list to sell – its as simple as that and this is such a powerful strategy!

Don’t forget that when it comes to growing your Facebook page, you don’t just want anyone to like your page – it’s so important that you focus quality over quantity! You need to be attracting your ideal customers to our page, as what good is it having 5000 fans when hardly any of them are your ideal customer and unlikely to buy?!

I hope you’ve found this useful and as always post below or pop over to my Facebook page if you have any questions. For more free tips on Facebook Marketing click here.

Speak soon! :-)

Nicky xx


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