I have a Confession… What I’ve Been Hiding From & How I Got Over It!

I have a confession...

So I have a confession to make and it’s something I’ve been in denial about for a long time! My confession is that I am not the biggest fan of videos and I have tried to do everything I can in the past couple of years to avoid it at all costs! Yes I’ve dipped my toe in the water and have created little how to videos sharing my screen, but the thought of doing a video with me actually on camera put the fear of god in me! Why? Well – I worried that I didn’t look good enough, I had rubbish hair, I couldn’t possibly look as good as everyone else does on theirs and my biggest fear of all – I would fluff my lines and look completely stupid. So I plodded on avoiding videos at all costs – but this has definitely been to the detriment of my business as videos are the most powerful content you can put out on Facebook and 100% get the most engagement and organic reach!

So this week I finally plucked up the courage to get over my fear – I had my new Facebook marketing challenge to promote and I knew that the best way to get this out in front of as many of my fans as possible was to create a video. And I did it! Yay! :-) Yes it took me about a million re-takes and of course it’s not perfect by any means, but it was just such a great feeling to finally get something done that I’ve been resisting for so long, and it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be! So I wanted to share this with you as I know that we all have things in our business that we are putting off and resisting. Yours may be video too, or it may be something completely different,  but whatever it is I just want to urge you to go for it! I now have almost 500 people signed up to my challenge and I know that my video played a key role in helping me achieve this – so imagine what you can be achieving with your business if you can just get over your fears!

Here are the top things I learnt from overcoming my fear…

1. Step outside of your comfort zone: Creating my video was definitely a step outside of my comfort zone, but I’m so glad that I took it! There’s a great quote that says something like ‘step out of your comfort zone – it’s where the magic happens’ and this is so true! Yes it feels a bit awkward and uncomfortable at first, but if you never step outside of your comfort zone you will never experience the growth your business deserves and you certainly won’t reach your full potential.

2. Get rid of your excuses: I realised that my Facebook fans don’t care what I look like or whether I fluff my lines – they just want to hear my tips so I can help them get to the next step. What we tell ourselves is often just a bunch of excuses so we can keep on procrastinating. I became the queen of procrastination when it came to video – please don’t let this be you too. Just get it done and out of the way and I promise you will feel sooo much better!

3. What’s the worst that can happen: When I actually sat down to try and figure out why I was resisting video so much, I asked myself – what’s the worst thing that can happen? And actually – there wasn’t much I had to answer this. Yes I could get negative comments or people thinking the video was awful, but in reality that was very unlikely to happen. I realised that the things we are fearing are actually never as bad as they seem. So ask yourself what’s the worst that can happen?

4. Be persistent: It’s not going to be perfect the first time you do it and that’s completely ok! Like I said earlier, it took me a million takes to get a video that I was happy with, but I was persistent and eventually realised it doesn’t have to be perfect! I thought this still from one of my videos captured my frustration of fluffing my lines over and over again! Ha ha! 😉


But I didn’t give up – I carried on and I got the job done! So, whatever it is just be persistent and keep working on it – you can improve it as you go and you will get better, but for now remember that done is better than perfect!

5. Get out of your own way: So I stood in my own way (and my businesses way) for far too long – don’t make the same mistake! I had to get over myself and just go for it and I want you to do this too! You are far too intelligent to be the only thing standing in your way!! (I’m sure that’s another quote! ;-))

So finally here is my first ever video I’ve done with me on camera! Eeek! It’s definitely not perfect, but I finally got it done and that’s all that matters!! :-)


So what have you been putting off in your business – what are you filled with fear over? I challenge you to just go for it and get it done! I promise you once you get started it won’t be as bad as it seems and you will be so glad that you did it!

I’d absolutely love to hear how you get on, so pop me a comment below or come over to my Facebook page and share with me there! Oh and I almost forgot, if you’d like to join my free Facebook marketing challenge just click here!

Good luck and remember you can do it!! :-)

Nicky xx

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